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Suitesevenseven is an international platform with the largest Devotion Twins collection. We discovered these amazing collection during our summer holidays back in 2017 on the beautiful Island Paros in Greece. From the first moment we fell in love with the beautifully and high quality dresses. Since then many woman followed and became fan of the unique Devotion Twins style. 

Devotion Twins

Devotion Twins is unapologetically feminine, with a mission to empower women to feel more confident and embrace their inner femininity through the brand’s bohemian collections. Each piece, including the fabric, is proudly made in Greece. Devotion Twins incorporate the textile heritage of Greece with embroidery and detailing that takes its inspiration from Grecian folklore. Devotions Twins prides itself on paying attention to detail of handmade aspects into their garments. Devotion Twins’ garments are made to flatter everybody type, with unique Greek designs that are easy to wear. The Devotion woman is full of wanderlust and a need for adventure, going through life with a confident stride. 


Devotion is a family owned Greek company of designer Athina and her husband Dimitris, who started their business already in 2001. From the beginning Athina creates her signature style of feminine tailoring to give every woman natural confidence. Devotion is always up to date with contemporary fashion, to meet the needs of a truly informed woman.

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