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We at SuiteSevenSeven think that a great dress or fantastic blouse has the positive power to uplift you and fire up your engine for the day. That is why we strive to bring you a well-curated selection of great quality separates, rooted in and backed-up by authentic craftmanship. These pieces feel both fashion-forward and timeless, giving you the opportunity to build a wardrobe of well-loved favourites which will last season after season. SuiteSevenSeven is an Amsterdam based company. It is your number one shopping destination when it comes to shopping for flowy everyday dresses, tops, accessories and goodies for your home with a distinct bohemian edge. SuiteSevenSeven stocks a large selection of Devotion Twins and Ten Twelve.

Devotion Twins

Devotion Twins is unapologetically feminine, with a mission to empower women to feel more confident and embrace their inner femininity through the brand’s bohemian collections. Each piece, including the fabric, is proudly made in Greece. Devotion Twins incorporate the textile heritage of Greece with embroidery and detailing that takes its inspiration from Grecian folklore. Devotions Twins prides itself on paying attention to detail of handmade aspects into their garments. Devotion Twins’ garments are made to flatter every body type, with unique Greek designs that are easy to wear. The Devotion woman is full of wanderlust and a need for adventure, going through life with a confident stride.

Ten Twelve

Spanish brand Ten Twelve oozes
elegance and exudes a feminine style. It comes from a desire to simply make beautiful things, inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle filled with hot summers, beautiful sunsets, the fresh sea breeze and bare feet on the sand. Since the designers believe that the way you dress is not only a reflection of your personality but of your lifestyle as well, they’ve chosen a sustainable point of view for their collections: keep volumes small, reduce waste through selling vintage and designs that never made it to production, and make enchanting designs that’ll last. From their long bohemian dresses in a beautiful array of colours to their floating blouses, cute pants and exquisite knits, Ten Twelve is all about you dressing your best in a relaxed manner.

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